Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Festivals of Nepal - Pachali Bhairav Jatra

Pachali Bhairav Jatra

This festival is dedicated to Pachali Bhairav, a fierce manifestation of Shiva. On the night before the main day, a "Kalash" or a holy water vessel bearing the mask of Bhairav is carried to his shrine near the Bagmati river at Teku, in the south of Kathmandu. Throughout the next day, he is worshipped with prayers, rituals and offerings of meat and rice-beer. Late in the night, an image of his son Ganesh is brought here - carried by a priest and accompanied by a musical procession. Bhairav's consort, Ajima represented by a human draped all in white and seemingly under a trance, also arrives to greet Pachali Bhairav. The "Kalash" is then removed from the shrine and borne on the shoulders of devotees to Durbar Square, where goats and buffaloes  are sacrificed to the performers dressed up as Bhairav, Kumari and other deities. Different dances of Bhairav are also shown.

This festival usually falls in the month of October.

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